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Fine Art Photography | Swellendam Retreat

Swellendam | 22 - 26 April 2024

For many, photography is often seen as a means of capturing reality and preserving cherished memories. However, what you might not realize is that photography stands as one of the most dynamic and exciting artistic mediums of our time. Whether your artistic aspirations lean towards drawing, painting, or sketching, consider the camera a perfect gateway to launch your creative journey.

In the company of Martin, accompanied by his exceptionally talented daughter, Samantha Lee Osner, you'll soon discover that the photographic process isn't as flawless as it may seem. It's within these imperfections that you'll find a remarkable opportunity to leverage photography as a powerful platform for transcending your images into breathtaking works of art. Throughout this immersive on-location workshop, you'll learn to wield the camera as a tool on your artistic workbench, crafting art that extracts mesmerizing impressions from the world, transforming photographs into captivating masterpieces.

This enriching program unfolds amidst the natural splendor of a scenic valley, spanning four days of exploration. It comprises enlightening lectures, hands-on demonstrations, constructive feedback sessions, and one-on-one mentorship, guiding you through the transformative journey of art photography.

During this art retreat, you'll acquire the skills to metamorphose your photography into stunning art pieces suitable for display on your walls. While digital techniques are explored, they're presented as a supplementary method, ensuring accessibility to all levels of photography expertise. What matters most is your desire to venture into photography as a unique creative medium within the vast realm of art.

Join Martin and Samantha in a captivating exploration of how the camera can serve as a tool for your artistic endeavors. This retreat is a profound dive into the realm of creativity, where a plethora of techniques converge to breathe life into artworks that have graced exhibitions on a global scale.

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Workshop Gallery


"Redefining Art Through a Lens.

A world within a world. This valley close to Swellendam allows you to immerse yourself into a crucible of river, trees and koppies.

The process that Martin and Sam take you through is creative, challenging and pushes you to the edge of what you know - and then beyond. Their way or working with you as individual and group redefines the boundaries of idea generation. Always in a way that takes you to the edge, leaving the decision to step across that threshold with you.

They, the group and one’s own emerging inner voice make for a memorable experience. Step beyond what you thought might be possible, step into this space and place."


Craig OFlaherty |  Cape Town

Art Retreat 2023

Ghail Binneman |  Johannesburg

Art Retreat 2022


"The most incredible week away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

At one with nature, break free from the proverbial box and explore your creative side without interruptions from the daily grind.

With Martin and Sam's guidance, I could take my photography on a journey I did not think possible.

Martin and Sam each bring different techniques to the process of this journey, and their encouragement makes you want to explore more and more options.

It has made me think differently about the type of photographs I take and what the end purpose of these photographs are.

A simple technique takes them to another level.

I did not want to leave.  It was so tranquil waking to the sound of nature each morning.

I highly recommend this retreat - you come away from it relaxed, you've learnt new techniques to take your photography to another level, and you've made wonderful friends along the way."


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