Landscape Photography Course


Join Martin Osner for a unique experience on our most popular courses. This incredible one-week masterclass is presented from his studio in Hout Bay, Cape Town, and consists of a series of lectures and on-location workshops & practicals demonstration. 

If you are looking to learn advanced techniques for photographing exceptional pictures of forests, landscapes, and seascapes, this course is a must! 

Specifically presented during a change of season, or in winter when the weather is best for outdoor photography. It offers incredible mood and natural lighting opportunities conducive to spectacular landscape photography. 

Most of the teaching is practical on-location workshops, as Martin firmly believes that one-on-one 'over shoulder' instruction is the best way to teach this exciting photography genre. 

During the course, Martin will show you to some of the most exciting locations in and around the Cape Peninsula, where you will be able to practice the techniques taught for yourself. Prepare yourself for a week of fun, inspiration and creative photography.

What sets Martin's teaching apart from many instructors is that he gives every student their own space to achieve their vision, with over the shoulder guidance. He also does not take his camera with onto location, but instead gives his undivided attention to his students.​

The program for the week will change according to the weather where you will learn:

How to find a composition
Technical know-how
How to work with natural light
HDR control
InfraRed photography
Panoramic shooting and stitching
Fill lighting
RAW file control and processing
Design elements in the composition
A creative approach
Identifying locations and pre-planning for a shoot


Never before have I attended a photography course that will beat Martin Osner's - One Week Masterclass Landscape Photography!!
Originally, our course dates were set for the end of May 2020, but due to COVID-19, it was postponed, and it was postponed yet again until eventually the end of November finally dawned. The long wait was really so worth waiting for.
Intense, fun, technical, creative, a gazillion opportunities, new friends, and really just WOW!!
If Landscape Photography tickles your fancy and you have a serious tickle, this is the REAL DEAL!!
Martin is a Masterclass all on his own, and his daughter Samantha really adds so much value.
At the end of the course, I walked away with a wealth of newly gained knowledge, and to cap it all, my very own A2 print, which I will have framed to hang in my lounge!
Thank you, Martin and Samantha, for an absolutely grand time, and I most certainly hope to see you both again on some of your other courses in the not too distant future.

Alan Mason  |  Johannesburg

Landscape Photography Masterclass


landscape masterclass by martin osner.we

Consider doing this course if you ...

  • Enjoy outdoor photography, travelling and exploring.

  • Have a sound understanding of your camera and can work in manual mode.

  • Can process your work in Adobe Camera Raw or Lightroom.

  • Are not achieving the "Wow" factor in your outdoor photography.

  • Can walk or hike short distances with ease.

Watch this video which offers an insight into the course and an understanding of the genre.

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The art of landscape photography.webp
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06 - 11 December '21

ZAR 13500 +- $980

(Fully Booked)


16 - 21 May '22

ZAR 14900 +- $1050

(4 Places Avalilable)


25 - 30July '22

ZAR 14900 +- $1050

(6 Places Available)

Frequently asked questions

What is the cancellation policy for this course?

If the course is cancelled for whatever reason, the full deposit or payment/s received will be refunded. Cancellation outside one calendar month before the course commences is subject to a full refund. Cancellation within one month of the course commencing is subject to a 50% levy on the deposit payment. Cancellation withing two weeks of the course commencing is subject to a levy of the full deposit.

What computer and software will I need on this course?

You will need a laptop computer (PC or Mac) loaded with Adobe Photoshop CC and Bridge CC or Lightroom CC), plus a portable memory stick or hard-drive.​ The software must be loaded and functing before starting the course.

Do you offer this course any other time of the year?

No, it is only offered during winter as the weather and the light at this time of the year is optimum for landscape photography.

How many students do you accept on a course?

We accept no more than eight students per course. We keep the class size small to promote interaction and enchourage mentorship and relationship.

What equipment do I need in order to attend the landscape photography course?

What you will need is either a Digital SLR or a Mirrorless camera with full manual control and lenses or zoom lenses that cover around 16mm - 200mm. You will also need a good quality, stable tripod and a backpack style gadget bag. Recommend by not essential would be neutral density filter/s. An detailed itemised list or other smaller items will be sent through once you have finalized you booking.

How is the course presented during this time of COVID-19

The course is still taught as before, except, the following protocols will apply. Face masks must be worn. Most teaching will be done on location, but for the presentations done indoors, the lecture room will be sanitised on a daily basis. The desks will be placed at 1.5-meter spacing and the class size has been reduced to accommodate this. Temperatures will be taken on a daily basis on arrival. Any person who displays flu-like symptoms will not be permitted to continue on the course. We will attempt to do as much of the teaching in the field. Sit down lunches will not take place, students will be asked to bring their own packed lunch. We will provide tea and coffee, which will be available in take-away disposable cups. Students who have their own transport are requested to travel alone to and from location shoots.

Do you issue a certificate on completion?

On request, we would be able to issue a certificate of attendance on completion.

Is this course available online?

No, this is a practical masterclass and is only taught face to face.

What level of photography do I need to be at to do this course?

It is recommended that you have an intermediate to advanced understanding of photography understanding in order to participate in this course, as the basics of photography are not covered. You will also need to be proficient with the settings of your camera.

Will I be expected to hike on the course?

Yes, there are some excursions which will require a short hike.

Do you offer accommodation?

No we do not, but there is quite a few guesthouses and bed and breakfasts nearby which we can recommend. There is also a hotel in Hout Bay about four kilometers away.

Will I require to get around with my own vehicle?

Only for getting around Cape Town after hours. On the course itself, we will arrange transport to escursions and back.

Read this insightful article about the art of landscape photography.




" Dear Martin, thank you, thank you, thank you for one of the best weeks of my life. I have admired your work for a long time but never knew what an excellent teacher you are.  I have learned more in the last week than the previous 10 years since I bought my first DSLR.   I really appreciate your style – the personal attention, the confidence you gave me that I will be able to have an amazing image by the end of the week and the way you freely shared your knowledge."
Jacoba van Zyl - Cape Town


Landscape Photograph by Graham Stapleton
Landscape Photograph by Mike Murray
Landscape Photograph by Robin Larmuth
Landscape Photograph by Carol Stewart
Landscape Photograph by Ann Baret
Landscape Photograph by Heinz Maier
Seascape Photograph by Yana Niewodniczanska
Landscape Photograph by Graham Stapleton
Landscape Photograph by Cavin Hill
Landscape Photograph by Carol Stewart
Landscape Photograph by Mark Geldenhuys
Creative Landscape Photograph by Ann Baret
Creative Landscape Photograph by Rosie Burton
Landscape Photograph by Sonelle Slabbert
Creative Landscape Photograph by Rosie Burton
Creative Landscape Photograph by Mike Murray
Landscape Photograph by Milanie van Huyssteen
Creative Landscape Photograph by Rosie Burton
Landscape Photograph by Alan Mason
Landscape Photograph by Mike Murray
Landscape Photograph by Tristan Niewodniczanski
Landscape Photograph by Mike Murray
Seascape Photograph by Sonelle Slabbert
Landscape Photograph by Graham Stapleton
Creative Landscape Photograph by Cathy Bell
Creative Landscape Photography by Cathy Bell
Seascape Photograph by Graham Stapleton
Seascape Photograph by Heinz Maier
Landscape Photograph by Graham Stapleton
Landscape Photograph by Bryn Morse
Landscape Photograph by Bryn Morse
Landscape Photograph by Cathy Bell
Creative Landscape Photograph by Tristan Niewodniczanski
Landscape Photograph by Bryn Morse
Seascape Photograph by Yana Niewodniczanska
Landscape Photograph by Robyn Elliot
Seascape Capture by Tristan Niewodniczanski
Well done to all the Heroes who have completed
the landscape photography week. 
Landscape photography class, group photograph with Martin Osner.