Landscape Photography Course

One Week Landscape Photography Masterclass with Martin Osner

Join Martin Osner for a unique experience in learning the art of landscape photography on our most popular courses. a one week course, presented from Martin Osner's studio in Hout Bay, consists of a series of lectures and on-location workshops & practicals. If you are looking to learn advanced techniques for shooting exceptional images of forests, landscapes and seascapes then this course is a must! Specifically presented during a change of season, or in winter when the weather is at its best, which presents incredible mood and natural lighting opportunities conducive to spectacular landscape photography.


Most of the teaching is done on-location, as Martin firmly believes that one-on-one‘over shoulder' instruction is the best way to teach this genre of photography. You will be taken to some of the most interesting locations in and around the Cape Peninsula, where you will be able to practice the techniques taught. Prepare yourself for a week of inspiration and intensive creative photography.

What sets Martin's teaching apart, is that he gives every student their own space to photograph their vision, with over the shoulder guidance.  Unlike many instructors he also does not take his camera with on location, but rather gives his undivided attention to his students.​

The program of the week will change according to the weather, but over the week the following will be taught:

  • Finding a composition

  • Technical know-how

  • How to work with natural light

  • HDR control

  • InfraRed photography

  • Panoramic shooting and stitching

  • Fill lighting

  • RAW file control and processing

  • Design elements in the composition

  • A creative approach

  • Identifying locations and pre-planning for a shoot

Upcoming Course Dates 2021


03 to 08 MAY 2021


R 13900 (Approx. $ 800)

26 to 31 JULY 2021


R 13900 (Approx. $ 800)


Student Showcase | 2020

Frequently asked questions

What equipment do I need in order to attend the landscape photography course?

What you will need is either a Digital SLR or a Mirrorless camera with full manual control and lenses or zoom lenses that cover around 16mm - 200mm. You will also need a good quality, stable tripod and a backpack style gadget bag. Recommend by not essential would be neutral density filter/s. An detailed itemised list or other smaller items will be sent through once you have finalized you booking.

What level of photography do I need to be at to do this course?

It is recommended that you have an intermediate to advanced understanding of photography understanding in order to participate in this course, as the basics of photography are not covered. You will also need to be proficient with the settings of your camera.

What computer and software will I need on this course?

You will need a laptop computer (PC or Mac) loaded with Adobe Photoshop CC and Bridge CC or Lightroom CC), plus a portable memory stick or hard-drive.​ The software must be loaded and functing before starting the course.

Do you offer this course any other time of the year?

No, it is only offered during winter as the weather and the light at this time of the year is optimum for landscape photography.

Will I be expected to hike on the course?

Yes, there are some excursions which will require a short hike.

Do you offer accommodation?

No we do not, but there is quite a few guesthouses and bed and breakfasts nearby which we can recommend. There is also a hotel in Hout Bay about four kilometers away.

Will I require to get around with my own vehicle?

Only for getting around Cape Town after hours. On the course itself, we will arrange transport to escursions and back.

What is the cancellation policy for this course?

If the course is cancelled for whatever reason, the full deposit or payment/s received will be refunded. Cancellation outside one calendar month before the course commences is subject to a full refund. Cancellation within one month of the course commencing is subject to a 50% levy on the deposit payment. Cancellation withing two weeks of the course commencing is subject to a levy of the full deposit.

How is the course presented during this time of COVID-19

The course is still taught as before, except, the following protocols will apply.

  • Face masks must be worn.
  • Most teaching will be done on location, but for the presentations done indoors, the lecture room will be sanitised on a daily basis.
  • The desks will be placed at 1.5-meter spacing and the class size has been reduced to accommodate this.
  • Temperatures will be taken on a daily basis on arrival.
  • Any person who displays flu-like symptoms will not be permitted to continue on the course.
  • We will attempt to do as much of the teaching in the field.
  • Sit down lunches will not take place, students will be asked to bring their own packed lunch.
  • We will provide tea and coffee, which will be available in take-away disposable cups.
  • Students who have their own transport are requested to travel alone to and from location shoots.

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Previous Classes
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Lucy Gemmill


"Last week I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the Landscape course. What a truly phenomenal week-long workshop it was. Martin taught several different photographic techniques to take our images to the next level. In conjunction with this, we were shown a few important techniques in Camera Raw whilst the weather was too inclement to venture outside. I would recommend this course to any photographic enthusiast. The elements tested us and our equipment to the fullest. I loved every single second and would return in a Heartbeat. Martin and his daughter Sam, dedicated a week of their time to teach us about light, landscapes and their love of photography. Thank you for a smashing week. I’ll be back!"

Linda Carter


"I cannot begin to describe what an awesome privilege it was to attend Martin Osner's Landscape Photography course last week. With utmost consideration and kindness, Martin, assisted by his daughter Samantha, unravelled the secrets to creating beautiful landscape masterpieces. I cannot get over how much information Martin managed to convey in such a short time - all delivered in his own unique, gentle, entertaining manner. The course was just the right combination of practical and theory, balanced in a way that clearly shows Martin's talent for teaching a subject that he is so passionate about. The process built steadily day by day, and at the end of it my mind was filled with inspiration! I was totally reluctant to leave the creative space behind and go back to the real world! Armed with my new arsenal of techniques, I left filled with optimism and drive to further practice, practice and practice my hobby. I find that I am now "seeing" photographs all over as I go about my daily routine. Scenes that I drive past every day are being regarded with "new" eyes, and I can't wait to get out this weekend armed with a camera and, my now "trusty" stead - the tripod! For anyone toying with the idea of attending one of Martin's course, all I can say is: don't think too hard - Just do it! You will walk away a changed person."

Kirsty Ho


"I attended the one-week Landscape Photography course with Martin and can honestly say it was superb. Martin gave his students the upmost attention and provided a fantastic course throughout the week. Both techniques and practical photography examples were given by Martin as well as plenty of opportunities for the students to practice the techniques. I highly recommend this course and thank Martin for his excellent teaching and care."

Rob Smith

Pletenberg Bay, Cape Town

"Attending Martin’s week-long advanced landscape course is a quantum leap in understanding and practising the art of photography. His knowledge of photography is rich and extensive and his patient style and ability to impart crucial tips allows one to walk away enriched and highly motivated. He is a true professional who gives generously and I recommend anyone who wants to advance their ability to plan and take compelling and interesting photographs with absolutely no reservation.  Very few professionals commit to the 14-hour day Martin enthusiastically spends with his customers in such a thoughtful and patient way. The best of all is that one walks away feeling one has advanced one’s photographic skills in ways that could not have been imagined. Martin is one of a kind!"
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Debbie Russell

Johannesburg, South Africa

"I can not stress enough how  this Landscape Course has had an impact on my photography! Not only did I learn during the course but am realising it has had an impact on my whole photographic thought process! The classes are small, so we got excellent personal attention from Martin and he teaches you to really SEE!!"

Gavin Harvey

Cape Town, South Africa

"I have done several courses with Martin culminating in his Landscape Masterclass. Martin has taken me from a rank amateur, who thought the only setting on the camera was an “A”, to seeing the world in a completely different light. He has an ability to condense the vast field of photography into the important concise aspects and make complicated things seem relatively simple. But what really sets Martin apart, is his ability to get “down and dirty” in the practical field work – this past week has taught me more than a year of theory in a classroom. I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and look forward to shooting some new horizons." 

Nolan Lister

Pretoria, South Africa

"I do not know where to begin with explaining my experience on this course! Martin's landscape course has been one of the top highlights in my photographic journey...His guidance through all the different aspects was amazing, true and invaluable, driven by his love and passion for the medium of landscape photography. I cannot thank him, his family and all that are involved, enough for everything for what they have left me with... this experience will forever be with me. I would highly recommend that you attend one of his landscape courses. You will leave with a better knowledge and understanding of the art. Martin... Thanks for making me see the light." 

Jocelin Kagan

Cape Town, South Africa

"I’m alive with the knowledge I got on this course!: I learned to look differently and to see what I was looking at. To breathe in glorious colours, juxtaposed shapes and make sense out of chaos. I loved being out before first light, and on the beach, pants rolled up, shoes soaked and tripod wedged into wave-splashed sand, I loved watching the last light faded and walking back with a single headlamp-beam dancing on rocks and the path. I loved leaping up Cecelia forest to find the fog and fell in love with the simplicity of dead trees still reaching through the mist, I found myself mesmerized by subtle light, hi-key, low-key and infra red, I’m finding my way through ways to process my images, so they speak for themselves. Thank you Martin, your mastery is beyond words." 

Pat Scott

Cape Town, South Africa

"As for the course...WOW! I was in a rut with my photography and was struggling to to get out of a "pretty pic" mode; The course most definitely challenged me to get out of my comfort (or should I say "lazy") mode, and it  was very interesting, informative and most of all inspirational six days! Not only is Martin an amazing photographer, but he is also a great teacher in that he guides the group as a whole and then has an exceptionally good personal touch with each of the individuals within the group. The week was packed with dynamic shoots and fascinating processing, and I feel my photography has improved beyond my expectations. A most rewarding and motivating week, many many thanks to Martin. Much appreciation." 

Jacoba van Zyl

Cape Town, South Africa

"Dear Martin, thank you, thank you, thank you for one of the best weeks of my life. I have admired your work for a long time, but never knew what an excellent teacher you are.  I have learned more in the last week than the previous ten years since I bought my first DSLR.   I really appreciate your style – the personal attention, the confidence you gave me that I will be able to have an amazing image by the end of the week and the way you freely shared your knowledge. Baie dankie weereens vir ‘n moerse lekker week" 

Tricia Owen

Cape Town, South Africa

"Martin is the most fantastic teacher who inspires through passion and knowledge. His utmost patience all week with a group of females was remarkable, we were a challenge to him. The week taught us many things but I would like to highlight a couple of advantages of such a course. Firstly it taught me the huge value of working in a small group and experiencing the wide range of different great photos all taken at the same time. Was I really at the same location? Truly inspiring, the group produced some remarkable photos that everyone was proud of. I just want to go back to the same places and do better with my new found knowledge. Secondly much to my surprise I am a new convert to the advantages of working with Raw files in Camera Raw. Thank-you Martin for not giving up on me! And lastly Martin has put new energy back into my photography and I am determined to get out there and take photos somehow, somewhere every week. I will no longer be a holiday snapper." 

Patricia McVitty


"I have been ever so fortunate to take three courses with Martin and am thrilled at how far I’ve come in one year since I started as a beginner. Last week’s landscape class was the highlight and I’m still amazed at what I’ve been able to capture. You are a gifted teacher, with a wonderful sense of humour, and I’m truly amazed at your patience with us all. Thank you for taking us to some magnificent spots with just the right conditions - the setting moon and rising sun over Noordhoek beach doesn’t get any better. Thank you so much."

Joy Hudson

Cape Town, South Africa

"Thank you so very much for a fantastic student showcase page!   I am very grateful for everything you did for me in regard to this.   As for the course, I have wonderful memories of patient help, inspirational ideas, and fun!   The lectures were enlightening to say the least, and the outings simply fantastic.  I feel as though I have left my old level and ascended a steep ladder towards the light!  Thank you."

Cathy Bell

Cape Town, South Africa

"Thank you for such an insightful and humorous course. We all had amazing good fun, despite the freezing cold weather and very early hours. It was such a pleasure to watch our photos come alive with the techniques you have shown us in Lightroom/Bridge and Photoshop. I am really grateful for your expertise in helping us set up for the light and composition. Driving eight women round a few bends to some glorious locations, with great safety and patience is a feat indeed"

Di & Shell Cooper

Johannesburg, South Africa

"Martin not only had patience with will all of us being at different levels in our photographic skill set, his thorough and in depth knowledge of this art form made us all leave with our head held high and a sense of achievement. Giving us a sound introduction to the world of RAW and digital negatives, and steering us away from “pixel bashing”, his perseverance made us realise that the days of the dark room have just moved from a tray of chemicals onto a computer.  Artists see the world through different eyes , and in some he reawakened those eyes, and others he helped find their artists eyes.  Also in this competitive day and age it’s rare to find an artist willing to share their knowledge so freely.  The comfort and relaxed ambience of our shoots and theory classes made them fun and we had some very good laughs. This was a dynamic platform to meet fellow students and to see how they interpreted the breathtakingly beautiful Cape Town and surrounds."
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