Advanced Photography Lessons - Part time course

Part-time four week advanced course offered in Hout Bay, Cape Town. Learn about HDR photography, visual design and how to work with light. Course is taught by Martin Osner who is one of the best teaches in the world.

Learn Photography in One Week


One Week Photography Course


This comprehensive photography course is ideally suited for a person just starting out in photography or a keen enthusiast alike. Class size is limited to ensure personal attention and one-on-one instruction. Commencing with the fundamental basics of photography, each lesson progresses in an easy step-by-step manner over an intensive one week period, ending at an intermediary level of understanding. Two lessons and a practical session are completed each day.  This course is personally taught by Martin Osner and is presented from the Art Gallery Guesthouse in Hout Bay, Cape Town.

What you will need: A Digital SLR (single-lens reflex) camera with manual control and a lens, plus a tripod (an electronic flash is recommended, but is not a necessity), Access to a computer loaded with photo editing software is recommended but not essential (contact us for details), plus an external memory stick.

Day 1  
Breakfast / Lecture 1 (Get to know your camera) / Lunch / Lecture 2 (Fundamental mechanics) / Practical Exercise
Day 2  
Breakfast / Lecture 3 (Key control) / Practical excursion / Lunch / Lecture 4 (Practical application) / Practical excursion
Day 3  
Breakfast / Lecture 5 (Creative control 1) - Lunch / Lecture 6 (Creative control 2) / Practical excursion
Day 4
Breakfast / Lecture 7 (Visual dynamics 1) - Lunch / Lecture 8 (Visual dynamics 2)
Day 5
Early morning shoot/breakfast on location - Lunch/slide show and final evaluation


Frequently asked questions...

What equipment do I need to do the course?                               

A Digital SLR camera with manual control, electronic flash, tripod and use of a computer with the relevant software to process RAW files (a PC or MAC).

At what level of photography do I need to be at to do this course?    

Students need to have an intermediate level of understanding of photography to participate in this course. It is essential that the basics of photography, including depth of field, are understood. It is also important that the student is familiar with their camera settings and can operate the shutter, aperture and ISO in full manual mode.

What computer and software will I need?      

You will need a laptop computer (PC or Mac) loaded with the following software;(Adobe Photoshop CC and Bridge CC or Lightroom CC), plus a portable memory stick or hard-drive.​


Course Fees & Dates

One Week Photography Course
R 8900 (includes lunch)


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"Dear Martin, I have just finished reorganizing and retyping the extensive notes I took down while I was on your weeks workshop.  What an amazing gift it was to have learnt so much in just a week. Your passion, enthusiasm and energy were so contagious. I have been involved with Photography for about ten years and never have I learnt as much as I have with you.  No question was too silly. You went to endless lengths to reaffirm, help and encourage us. I feel refreshed in my photography and to have spent that unique week with you on the spot in your guesthouse, was awesome. Thank you Martin for giving us so much of yourself and your talent... I can’t wait to do the advanced course with you once I have fully mastered what you have taught me. I feel truly blessed to have met you. Thank you most sincerely for all your nurturing and helping me to see beyond just the superficial.​
With gratitude"

Jane Bedford

Durban, South Africa

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