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Learn Photoshop Online

One on One Lessons | Face to Face on Zoom with Samantha Osner

Having a sense of confidence and comfort in the post-production of your photographs is an essential part of the photographic process to achieve excellent results.

Working in Adobe Bridge, Camera Raw and Photoshop, Samantha Lee Osner will guide you through the fundamentals of workflow management, processing and editing so that you can take control of your photography.


Learn how to work in RAW from developing through to editing. Learn specifically what you want to learn in these personal ones on one online session. Choose from ...

Adobe Bridge

  • How to sort and organise Raw files

  • How to batch process

  • How to rate and label

  • How to batch rename

  • A solid workflow process

Adobe Camera Raw (ACR)   

  • What is a RAW file

  • The power of the Camera Raw processor

  • The basic processing of a RAW file 

  • Batch processing 

  • Advanced tools

  • Snapshots to save space

Adobe Photoshop

  • Layers and how they work ​

  • The fundamental tools for photo processing

  • Healing and cloning

  • Burning and dodging

  • Image and canvas sizing 

  • Selections and masks

  • Creative editing techniques 

Lessons are offered throughout the week and time slots can be booked from 8:30 am / 4 pm (GMT+2). One hour sessions are available and the lesson is recorded and a video copy is sent to you for future reference.

Lessons are R580 (Approx $40) per hour. 


Coming from film photography into the world of digital has been quite a struggle for me. Not so much with the camera, but more with the computer side of things. At a stage, I felt I should just give up because watching Youtube videos was confusing me even more. A friend of mine who had done a few classes with the Osner school suggested I book a lesson with Samatha.

Well, this is something I should have done a long time ago. The first hour was an eye-opener and after another four sessions, I was back to enjoying my photography. Sam your gentle nature and enthusiasm for photography are just electric. I promise I will be back to continue with some advanced sessions later, for now, I feel like a child in a candy store.

Magda Bezuidenhout   |  Johannesburg


Frequently asked questions

How long do I have access to the videos you record?

The class recording is transfered to you, so you have a copy you can keep on file for futher reference.

Do you teach Lightroom?

I understand lightroom but I specialize in ACR accessed through BRIDGE. Lightroom uses the same ACR processor so its really easy to adapt either way.

Do you teach Photoshop editing without developing?

Yes, these are one on one lessons, so if thats what you want learn, no problem at all.

How do I get my files to you for the lesson?

You can transfer them via WeTransfer, or you can share then on Google Drive or any other online storage platform.

Does it matter if I am on PC or Mac

No problem at all, the Adobe software is multi-platformed

Do you teach basic computer operation?

No, unfortuantely not, just image developing, photo editing and workflow.

Can I book for more than one hour?

Yes you can, but I find my students prefer shorter sessions with time to practice inbetween.

Do you teach on a weekend?

Sorry, unfortunately not.