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The last online course for the year starts on 20 August '22

The Martin Osner offers high-quality, online, as well as classroom, taught part-time photography courses. The school prides itself on providing the highest quality photographic training possible; all courses are taught part-time in a small class environment to ensure mentorship and guidance. The school also offers one-on-one private photography lessons and presents a practical one-week masterclass in Landscape Photography. Martin Osner has a solid reputation as one of the best photographic instructors, and fine art photographers worldwide and his courses are guaranteed. 


Martin Osner Fine Art Photographer and Educator


I attended Martin's Landscape Masterclass last week, and I found it to be a unique opportunity to improve not only my landscape but also other genres of photography. When you're on location, Martin takes time to make sure that your composition is good, and offers very useful advice on how to improve it - even if it means that he has to clamber over rocks or get his feet wet to get to take a look at the image displayed on your camera!
The classroom tuition and guidance/suggestions on how best to edit your images are very useful and practical. Martin also goes out of his way to make sure that you can get to suitable locations as the weather and other conditions change. Before attending Martin's course, I would never have thought of taking a slow shutter speed photo from the position in the picture, or have had the confidence to do so!

Cavan Hill   |  Johannesburg

Landscape Photography Course


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