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Learn Photography
Two Online Courses for a Complete Experience - Essentials to Advanced Level


The Beginner's Guide to Photography: Uncover the Essentials

Unlock your creative potential with this foundation course. Clear up basic photography concepts, this is your essential first step towards a creative journey.


Just Starting Out

New to photography? Our course accelerates your learning! Gain a solid foundation with Photography Essentials: Master manual settings, demystify 'f-stop', and grasp the photographic system. Many miss its essence due to auto modes. Uncover the cornerstone to unlocking your creative potential.



Navigating camera settings, some make sense, yet they don't quite come together? If auto and manual modes leave you puzzled, this course is what you need! Connect the dots, unravel the photographic system, and gain confidence. The settings are nowhere near as complicated as they may seem!


Under Cover

Calling all undercover photographers! Have you been relying on automated controls, despite years of photography practice? It's time to fill in the missing pieces and truly understand the photographic system.On this course you will learn to use manual settings, demystify key terms, and build a rock-solid foundation.


Your Budget, Your Journey: Photography Essentials Priced by You

Mastering photography isn't daunting. Every photographer should possess a solid understanding of the basics. Grasp four key controls and the photographic system itself, and you're on your way. This Essential course, comprising 15 tutorials, is suitable for beginners or those refreshing their skills. Book today and you decide the price.

This Valuable Foundational Course Consists of:

  • Functional controls in photography

  • Understanding the f-stop

  • The exposure triangle

  • Master manual control

  • In-depth look into ISO

  • The Aperture

  • Understanding Shutter Speeds

  • EV - Exposure Value

  • Navigating the light meter


​Which will cost around $300, but for a limited time, You determine the price!

APA COURSE THUMBNAIL  (1280 × 720 px) (25).jpg

Beyond Basics: Navigating the Next Step in Advanced Photography

Unlock the art of photography with a focused six-week program designed to guide you through key concepts and practical skills, empowering you to capture stunning images with confidence.

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Course Details

Give it Six Weeks, and you'll proudly say 'I'm a photographer,' equipped with the skills to express your vision.

Join this transforming six-week program with weekly video explanations and hands-on exercises. Embrace manual settings to take full control of your photography to produce compelling images. This structured journey ensures a seamless transition from theory to practical application, empowering you with the skills to capture moments creatively. You will Engage with a creative community and reach new heights in your photographic journey!

A Unique Photography Journey:

  • Master the Three Fundamental Controls in Photography

  • Learn how to work with Light and Exposure Readings for Proper Images

  • Low Light and Night Photography Techniques

  • Work with Colour, Contrast, and Exposure Variations

  • Exposing for High and Low Key Photography

  • Control the Situation with Proper Technical and Artistic Choices

  • Depth Control Techniques for Dynamic Photography

  • Understanding Composition and Visual Communications

  • Shooting in Camera Raw for Enhanced Processing

  • Image Asset Management and portfolio structure

  • Learn from the Best, a Teacher with over 30-Years Experience as a Fine Art Photographer

  • BONUS: 3 Months Access to the Inspire Community Included

All of this for just $ 600 

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