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Getting Started with Art Photography

Welcome to "Getting Started in Art Photography." Explore our two courses: live Zoom lessons with renowned photographer Martin Osner for interactive guidance, or dive into Martin Osner's new self-study program at the Art Photography Academy, where he personally mentors your artistic journey. Whether you prefer hands-on instruction or a flexible approach, both options promise a fulfilling journey into the world of art photography.

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Option 1 | Flexible Learning Experience

This incredible week by week course unfolds step by step over ten weeks, offering detailed video recordings. Beyond the lessons, you will be part of a supportive community and guidance in monthly mentor sessions. Learn at your own pace with this comprehensive program by taught by Martin Osner through his exciting newly established international Art Photography Academy. 

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Option 2 | Scheduled Live Zoom Classes

Welcome to Martin Osner's Live Zoom Classes—small, interactive sessions over seven weeks covering diverse photography techniques. Enjoy real-time learning, session recordings for review, and insightful feedback to elevate your skills. Join us for a transformative seven-week journey into the art of photography!

Download a Brochure or Scroll down to learn more about this course...

Getting Started in Art Photography (Live Zoom Course)

Are you eager to transform your photos into captivating decorative art pieces? Delve into the world of art photography with our course, designed to unleash your creativity and utilize the unique characteristics of the photographic process for stunning results. Led by Martin Osner, an expert in mixed media and digital techniques, these workshops guide you in turning your photos into exhibition-worthy art.

This extraordinary art photography course features interactive sessions that focus on traditional art techniques such as oil and acrylic painting, sketching, collaging, and montaging—both with and without digital photo editing. Each module offers a two-hour live Zoom class, providing an opportunity for engagement with our experienced artists and the chance to ask questions.

No need to worry if you lack in-depth photography knowledge; all you need is a desire to learn and explore photography as a creative medium within the art framework. This accessible art photography course provides a unique chance to learn from an experienced artist, opening up new creative possibilities with your camera. Join us and uncover the secrets of fine art photography by unlocking the artistic potential inherent in every photograph! 

If you are unable to attend a scheduled course consider enrolling for Martin Osner's Week by Week, Step by Step, self study course offered at the Art Photography Academy.


Course Overview

Lesson 1

What is Fine Art Photography and the Hand Painting and Embellishing of Photographs

Lesson 2

Abstract & Overlay, Solvent Illuminant Transfer & Solarization

Lesson 3

Colour Image Gel Transfers, Spray Transfers, Bas Relief and Project Evaluation

Lesson 4

Black Powder Transfers, Creating Charcoal Renditions and Project Evaluation

Lesson 5

Photomontage, Mirror Montage and Project Evaluation

Course Details

15h00 - 17h00 GMT+2  | ZAR 10900 (+- $590)
A 50% deposit is required to secure your booking the balance is payable a week before the course commences

Experience live Zoom art photography classes from 15:00 to 17:00 GMT+2, with class recordings incase you miss a lesson. Class size is limited to 8 students for personalised attention. If unable to attend live classes, consider opting for the course presented on the Art Photography Academy - Option 1 detailed above.

Starts 08 Feb 2024

Lesson 1

08 February '24


Lesson 2

15 February '24

Assignment Break

Lesson 3

29 February '24


07 March '24

Lesson 5

14 March '24

Assignment Break


11 April '24

Starts 08 May 2024

Lesson 1

08 May '24


Lesson 2

15 May '24

Assignment Break

Lesson 3

29 May '24


05 June '24


Assignment Break

Lesson 5

19 June '24


26 June '24

Some of the interesting Art Techniques you will learn on this course.


Getting Started in Art Photography

Consider doing this Art Photography course if you ...

  1. Feel you've hit a plateau in your photography journey and are unable to progress further.

  2. Experience "photographic anxiety" and find yourself overly concerned about technical control.

  3. Struggle to capture photographs with a creative flair.

  4. Feel your photographs lack the desired "Wow" factor.

  5. Aspire to learn fine art and artistic photography techniques, aiming to create a portfolio for exhibition.

  6. Seek to rekindle your passion for photography.

What is Fine Art Photography?
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I'm so glad I decided to book Martin Osner's fine art workshop after my friend recommended it. Attending this course has helped reignite my passion for photography and given me a fresh perspective on the medium and artistic photography. Now that my mojo is back, I'm interested in continuing to develop my skills in this area and exploring how to learn fine art photography even further. On this art photography course, I learned new techniques to create truly unique and artistic photographs. Thanks, Martin!"
                                                                                     Janus Sinclair - Brighton UK
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Nitro Transfer
Photo montage
Photo montage
Nirto transfer
handpainted b&w
Pia Watermeyer | Cape Town South Africa
Lesley Spiegel | Canada
José Senna | Brazil
Tshepang Mpele | Pretoria South Africa
Andrew Benbow | UK
Rob Heffer | East London South Africa
José Senna | Brazil
Alida van Deventer | Port Elizabeth South Africa
Alida van Deventer | Port Elizabeth South Africa
  • Do you offer this course online without having to attend a scheduled zoom class?
    Absolutely! In this comprehensive self-study program offered at the Art Photography Academy (, participants can embark on their art photography journey immediately without the need for scheduled Zoom classes. This unique course provides in-depth content, and participants have the flexibility to learn at their own pace. Moreover, they will be part of a dynamic online classroom with other students, fostering collaboration and community engagement. Additionally, participants gain access to an extended network of artists who have completed the course, further enhancing their learning experience. To complement the self-paced structure, I personally meet with participants on a monthly basis to answer questions and provide mentorship, ensuring a well-rounded and supportive environment for their artistic development.
  • Why is there a difference between the price of your live zoom class compared to the same course offered at the Art Photography Academy
    The pricing difference of approximately $100 between the live Zoom class and the "Getting Started in Art Photography" course at the Art Photography Academy is attributed to the enhanced structure and depth of content provided by the academy. In the academy course, while the core content remains the same, the detailed structure, absence of live teaching, and the incorporation of supporting videos and thorough explanations contribute to a more comprehensive learning experience. The monthly meet-ups for questions and mentorship further enrich the participant's journey. This additional level of depth and ongoing support reflects in the pricing difference, ensuring that participants in the Art Photography Academy receive a robust and well-supported educational experience, tailored to foster their growth and proficiency in art photography.
  • What platform do you use to teach this online course on?
    At the moment we are using ZOOM for live courses.
  • Is this course only taught online or do you still offer face to face classroom teaching?
    All of the Art Photography courses are taught online, either live over zoom or through our newly formed Art Photography Academy where you can enrol for a week by week, step by step course.
  • What is the difference between the content of the online course and a face to face classroom presented course?
    The course content is identical.
  • How many students do you accept on a course?
    We accept no more than eight students per course. We keep the class size small to promote interaction and enchourage mentorship and relationship.
  • What camera equipment will I need to do the course?
    We recommend either a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera or a digital mirrorless camera. The most important thing is that the camera has a full manual (M) mode which can easily be adjusted. If you do not have a camera yet and will be purchasing one before attending the course, we can help you with a recommended list depending on your budget.
  • I don't know anything about photography, but I would like to know how to learn fine art photography, is this a concern?"
    There no need to worry. The lessons are really simple and the course is taught in a step by step manner. Very often it is easier to teach a person photography from scratch than to change bad habits.
  • What happens if I miss a lesson?
    Ideally, it would be better if you could attend the course without missing a lesson. But we do understand that life happens. This course has recorded lessons for students who may have to miss a class. This is especially helpful for those who are interested in learning how to learn fine art photography, as it ensures that they don't miss any crucial information or techniques that are covered during the course. Catching up before the next module is presented ensures that students can stay on track and continue to build upon their knowledge and skills throughout the course. If you feel that you may need to miss some of the live sessions, rather consider doing the same course presented on the Art Photography Academy where you can learn at your own pace.
  • What if I find the course too basic?
    As the course goes through to an intermediate level this rarely happens. Usually by the third lesson people who have prior knowledge of photography learn from the content. So should you feel that the course is too simple for you, you would know this by the end of the second lesson. At this point you could move onto an advanced class free of charge, or get a full refund should you wish not to continue.
  • Do you issue a certificate on completion?
    On request, we would be able to issue a certificate of attendance on completion.
  • Is the online course taught live, or is it pre-recorded?"
    Martin Osner teaches the zoom courses live. The course offered through the Art Photography Academy is pre-recorded.
  • Should I do this course before doing the Fine Art Photography or Landscape Photography course?
    If you do not have a solid understanding of the basics of photography, and you are not able to operate your camera in full manual mode with confidence, then it would be advisable to do this course first.
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