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Fine Art Photography Courses


Learn how to use Photography to Create Art

If you would like to use photography to create beautiful art pieces then this course will teach you just this. The first set of workshops (Getting Started) consist of five lessons and the second level, a further four optional workshops are available should you wish to go on and learn more techniques. Using practical "hands-on" demonstrations, all lessons are interactive and workshop orientated.


On both classes, the camera is seen as part of a creative process combined with interesting mixed media and traditional art medium techniques where you will learn to transform photography into art imagery fit for display and exhibition.


Combining traditional art techniques like oil & acrylic painting, sketching, collaging, montaging, double exposure and transfers and more, photographic mixed media pieces are created with and without digital photo editing with brilliant results. 


These comprehensive workshops do not require in-depth knowledge of photography, rather it is more important that as a student, you have a desire to explore photography as an alternative creative medium within the framework of art.


Class size is limited to ensure personal attention and one-on-one instruction. Two practical sessions are taught daily, one in the morning and one in the afternoon after lunch. Students are then encouraged to practice the techniques in the studio provided for the one week class, or at home for the week by week classes for the duration of the course.  


These masterclasses are completely unique and are personally taught by Martin Osner who specializes in fine art photography and they are presented at his studio in Hout Bay, Cape Town.

Lessons 1 - 5 (Getting Started)

Lesson 1     

Understanding Fine Art & Art Photography / Art Influences / Black Powder Transfers / Colour Embellishing
Lesson 2   
Emulsion Lifts and Transfers / Bass Relief / Distortion
Lesson 3     
Photo & Mirror Montage & Collage / Texture Overlays / Abstract Art
Lesson 4     
Pinhole Photography / Practical excursion / Multiple Exposure and Layering
Lesson 5  
Hand-Painted Black and White Photography

Lessons 6 -  9 (Going Further)

Lesson 6     

A Creative Mindset / Coming Up with Ideas / High & Low Key Minimalism
Lesson 7   
Rear and Front Projection / Cubist Reflection & Distortion
Lesson 8     
Encaustic Photo Art / Heat and Emulsion
Lesson 9     
Bokeh / Geometric and Graphic Art / Printing and Presentation


Course fee includes basic art materials and lunch. 50% Deposit with booking, balance payable within seven days of the course commencing.
Upcoming courses
Lessons 1-5 | Getting Started | R 8900
Upcoming One Week Class
Starts on Monday
03 February '20 [10h00 - 16h00]
Lesson 1
03 February '20
Lesson 2
04 February '20
Lesson 3
05 February '20
Lesson 4
06 February '20
Lesson 5
07 February '20
Lessons 6-9 | Going Further | R 7900
Next One Week Class
Starts on Monday
16 March '20 [10h00 - 16h00]
Lesson 6
16 March '20
Lesson 7
18 March '20
Lesson 8
20 March '20
Lesson 9
21 March '20
Examples of techniques taught on the course
Student Showcase


"Thank you just doesn't suffice…  I had such an amazing time at your fine art course last week.  I've come home feeling inspired, positive, and to be honest - remembering why I fell in love with photography in the first place! My wee notebook of ideas and thoughts is almost full, I've been more inspired in the past week, than in the prior 5 years.  I can't wait to not only shoot more, but to also work my way through some of my exiting images.  Images that I already like, but that I know I'm going to love even more once they've been given the fine art treatments that you shared with us.  Russia - such a hard place to live, now seems much less daunting. So, again, Thank you!  Not only to you, but to Anita, Sam, Banda and Janet.  Your team is just lovely, and I felt so well taken care of.  It was wonderful to be able to focus only on photography for a week, to give your undivided attention to something you love is such rare treat"

Coralie Sneddon


"Some of the best things in life happen on the spur of the moment. I was browsing through Martin’s portfolio on his website and loved what I saw – images that are not only beautiful but which touch a chord in me. I’m guilty of taking plenty of pictures and then not printing any of them. The idea flashed into my head – perhaps Martin’s fine art course could inspire me to make my photographs something worth hanging on a wall. Indeed it did! Martin’s relaxed manner helped me overcome my nerves on day one, and we all discovered the truth of his assurance that ‘mistakes’ can result in something stunning and unexpected. He is generous with his vast knowledge and shares invaluable tips he has discovered over many years. The hands-on workshops taught us many techniques and opened up a whole new world for me. I now have a much clearer idea of what to look for before I start shooting, as I have a specific end-product in mind. The luxury of spending a week of uninterrupted creativity under the guidance of a master photographer is almost unimaginable and I’m so glad I did it."

Pat Botes

Durban, South Africa

​"Dear Martin, It's my first day back home in Durban after one of THE most stimulating, creative weeks I have ever had. I was ecstatic when I knew what you were offering as it's something I have always wanted to do and have done in my own way, but your generosity of spirit, your sharing and caring unstintingly, your ability to make everything exciting, fresh and new...and a reality to a group of already artists, was beyond my wildest dreams. Martin you gave so generously of your knowledge, your expertise, your time, your creativity as an artist...not only as a photographer but as a painter and creator in many mediums, was exactly what I was looking for and I received it all...and more...much much more. I feel greatly blessed...as did we all. Thank you for showing me that my dreams are possible and that there is no limit to my creativity. I have come away on an absolute high, rejuvenated...and with many diverse tools which I can't wait to put into practice. I feel privileged to have been on this special journey with you and like minded new friends. Staying in your B and B was a great plus too as it meant I didn't have to break the rhythm of creativity which made the whole experience even more intense and memorable. This week has been a highlight for me...not forgetting the pinhole shoot which I enjoyed beyond words. Love and gratitude."

Jane Bedford

Durban, South Africa

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