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Art Photography | Going Further


Modules 6 - 10

After completing the first five Art Photography lessons and discovering the potential of a camera and photographic system to create competent art, it's time to take your skills to the next level.

This second set of classes also consists of five modules, each comprising a two-hour class taught live over Zoom. You'll start by exploring the abstract with pinhole photography, creating impressionistic images. Then, you'll experiment with physical textures using crystals and paint to convey mood and emotion. The course concludes with exciting emulsion lifts as you prepare your artwork for printing.

As with the previous course, these workshops are designed for students who desire to learn and explore photography as an alternative creative medium within the framework of art. You don't need in-depth knowledge; instead, you just need to be willing to learn and experiment with new techniques.

Classes are presented live over Zoom, and video recordings are available to demonstrate techniques. Join us for this comprehensive workshop series and take your photography skills to the next level as a decorative medium.

GOING FURTHER - Course Overview

Lesson 6    
Abstract art
Lesson 7   
Pinhole / Abstract impressionism
Lesson 8     
Texture and crystal overlays
Lesson 9     
Paint overlays / Mood with grunge

Lesson 10  

The art of printing / Moving into Fine-art photography

Some of the techniques that you will learn this course ...

art photography techniques.webp


Martin Osner's course is absolutely brilliant and it lifts the scales off your photographic eyes...if anyone would like to have an awe-inspiring, mind-blowing, eye-opening, inspirational, thought-provoking and soul-searching experience then come on one of these courses because you will never see photography in the same manner again. Apart from being fun, the creativity and methods that Martin uses in his teaching are easy to use and to understand and he has a lifetime of knowledge and experience which he freely shares... apart from all of that, both Martin and his lovely, and equally talented daughter Sam, are just such nice people, filled with passion for what they love doing best...teaching, photographing and creating exceptional works of art... I can strongly recommend any of their courses for anyone wanting to get a little more out of their photographic and artistic passion. For years I have been striving for the perfect photographs... now I am striving for the imperfect photographs...photographs that can turn into works of art...Oh yes...and the learning via Zoom from anywhere in the world is works so well.

Rob Heffer   |  East London

Fine Art Photography Course | Getting Started




3PM - 5PM (GMT +2)


Lesson 6

09 May '24


Lesson 7

16 May '24

Assignment Break

Lesson 8

30 May '24


Lesson 9

06 June '24

Assignment Break

Lesson 10

20 June '24


27 June '24




  • Is this course still taught by Martin Osner live or on Zoom
    This course is no longer taught by Martin in person or on Zoom and is now exclusively available on his newly founded Art Photography Academy. This new format means that you can get started right away without having to navigate around time zones. Plus, you will be included in a class group and have regular live meet-ups with Martin as he mentors you along this creative and exciting journey.
  • What makes this Art Photography Course unique compared to other photography workshops?
    What sets this Art Photography Course apart from other photography workshops is its distinct focus on techniques that are inherently unique to Martin Osner's artistic approach. The techniques taught in this course have been refined over years of experience, making them a hallmark of his work displayed in galleries and exhibitions. Unlike conventional photography workshops, where the emphasis might be solely on technicalities, this course delves into techniques that encapsulate the fusion of traditional art mediums with photography. Martin's unparalleled expertise in mixed media and digital methods ensures that you're not just learning photography – you're embracing an innovative approach that can elevate your work into the realm of fine art. This exclusive blend of techniques, curated by an accomplished artist, makes this course a truly exceptional opportunity for those seeking to expand their creative horizons in photography.
  • I am an artist and would like to explore this course to see how I can use photography in my art, but I do not have any photography knowledge. What do you suggest?
    If you're an artist eager to explore the intersection of photography and your art, you're in the right place. While you don't need in-depth photography knowledge to embark on this course, we recommend considering our Essentials photography course as a foundation. This introductory course will equip you with a solid understanding of the photographic system, ensuring you're well-prepared to delve into the art-focused techniques offered in this course. This way, you can confidently approach the material and maximise the creative possibilities that the Art Photography Course has to offer.
  • How will the course content be made accessible? Is there a platform or library?
    Yes, the Art Photography Academy provides a dedicated library for each student, ensuring easy and convenient access to the course content. Once you log in to your account, you'll find all the course materials organised in your personal library. The beauty of this system is that any course you enrol in with the academy will be seamlessly added to your library. This means you can access the course materials at any time that suits you, allowing you to revisit lessons, techniques, and insights whenever you need them. Your access remains unlimited, empowering you to learn at your own pace and continually refine your artistic skills through the art photography courses offered by the academy.
  • How do I receive feedback if I need assistance?
    Upon starting the course, you'll be granted access to a class group known as a class circle. Within this circle, you have the privilege of sharing your work for constructive feedback not only from your peers and Martin Osner but also from other lecturers. Additionally, a dedicated question and answer group is available for any queries you may have about the course content or techniques. To enhance your learning experience, we've organised regular meet-ups where you can directly interact with Martin Osner. During these sessions, you can ask questions, seek guidance, and gain deeper insights. It's worth noting that these meet-ups are recorded, allowing you to access and review them at your convenience. This ensures that even if you're unable to attend a session in real-time, you won't miss out on the valuable discussions and insights shared. As important, you'll have exclusive access to the Inspire Community for four months. Many members of this community have completed the same course, making them an excellent resource for assistance and feedback. Additionally, if you choose to continue your subscription to the Inspire Community, you'll always have access to ongoing discussions and a continuous source of inspiration, further enriching your creative journey.
  • I understand I receive new lessons each week over the eight weeks, but what happens if I fall behind?
    Correct, the course is structured with weekly lessons over the span of eight weeks. However, we understand that life can sometimes be unpredictable, and falling behind might happen. That's why we've designed our course in a way that benefits you even if you can't follow the week-by-week progression. While new modules are released on a weekly basis, they remain accessible in your personal library indefinitely. So, if circumstances prevent you from keeping up with the weekly rhythm, you can always catch up at your convenience. The library empowers you to continue your journey and complete the course modules at your preferred pace, ensuring that your artistic growth is never hindered by time constraints.
  • What type of camera and software do I need to do this course?
    To successfully engage in this course, a DSLR or Mirrorless camera is preferred due to their versatile capabilities. Alternatively, a high-quality bridge camera equipped with full manual mode and the ability to capture images in RAW format will also suffice. Additionally, please note that certain techniques within the course involve the use of smartphones, tablets. As for software, while Adobe Creative Cloud's photographers package is recommended, the demonstrations primarily utilise Adobe Camera Raw developer and Photoshop and the free Snapseed app for smartphones and tablets. Otherwise, any editing software or RAW developer that you are comfortable with can be used.
  • Are there any prerequisites or equipment requirements for enrolling in the course?
    Besides the camera, computer, and software, which have been addressed in this Q&A, there are additional equipment requirements to enhance your experience in the course. These include an inkjet printer, a laserjet printer, a light or tracing table, and a pair of study lamps. In addition to these items, participants will need various art supplies such as paint, art paper, and other solvents. A comprehensive list of these supplies can be obtained from the academy. If you require the detailed list, please feel free to reach out to us via email, and we'll be more than happy to provide you with the information you need to fully prepare for the course.
  • Do I need to know Photoshop to do this course?
    No, prior knowledge of Photoshop is not a prerequisite for this course. The focus of this course primarily revolves around handcrafted techniques that unleash your artistic potential. However, you will require editing software to prepare your images for printing. While optional secondary Photoshop techniques are taught in the course, rest assured that these come with straightforward instructional videos, making them accessible even to beginners. In most instances, the editing tutorials are offered as supplementary material alongside the core handcrafted techniques. It's worth noting that the Art Photography Academy also provides specialised Photoshop courses for artists who wish to delve deeper into this software. So, whether you're new to Photoshop or seeking to expand your skills, the course caters to a wide spectrum of learners, ensuring that you can make the most of your artistic journey.d habits.
art photography student showcase.webp



" What a journey I am on. I was so I was apprehensive to start with these art classes, but after completing the first five lessons I was hooked. The "Foing Further" course has been as stimulating! I cannot see myself stopping now ... will see you on the Fine-Art Photography course soon. Thank you for such amazing courses, it has changed my life!
Quinton Bellairs - Miami Florida USA



Black and white nitro transfer
Abstract Impressionism
Debbie Basson | Cape Town South Africa
Crystal overlay
Rob Heffer | East London South Africa
Texture overlay
Abstract art photography
Bob Dyke | Canada
Marco Leone | Italy
Debbie Basson | Cape Town South Africa
Texture overlay
Lesley Spiegel | Canada
Tshepang Mpele | Pretoria South Africa
Alida van Deventer | Port Elizabeth South Africa
Trudi du Toit | Cape Town South Africa
Simon Gillate | UK
Art impression
Gabriele Schmidtsdorff | Germany
Malcolm Levinkind | UK
Malcolm Levinkind | UK
Gabriele Schmidtsdorff | Germany
Lesley Spiegel | Canada
Malcolm Levinkind | UK
Andrew Benbow | UK
Lesley Spiegel | Canada
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